Eucharistic Adoration Chapel After Hours Access

For after-hours access to our Chapel (between the hours of 8:00 pm and 7:00 am), OLPH is using an electronic system called VIZpin that turns your cell phone into the key needed to gain entry. This cell-phone based system increases security, improves convenience and is easier for the parish staff to administer.

Minimum Phone Requirements to Use VIZpin:

Apple: iPhone 4S w/iOS 8 or later
Android: Android smartphone w/OS v4.0.3 or later

Download the Apps by Clicking the Icons:



What if I don’t have a smartphone?:

Users of older flip-phones, BlackBerry smartphones, Window Mobile phones, and all other phones that are not supported by the VIZpin app can receive their VIZpins through SMS messages provided that your phone supports Bluetooth.

Please contact the Parish Office to learn more.

Step-By-Step Instructions: Click the Steps Below to Get Started

Request after-hours access from the parish by completing and submitting the following form.


Download the VIZpin SMART app for your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Download the Apps by Clicking the Icons:


The app should look like this:


  • Register as a new user in the VIZpin SMART app.
  • Once you have installed the app on your phone, launch it by tapping the VIZpin Smart icon.
  • When prompted, select “New User” and follow the registration screen.
  • When prompted to enter “Organization”, please enter the name of the parish where you are registered.
  • Once you have completed registration, you should receive a text message from VIZpin containing a confirmation link.
  • You must confirm your registration by tapping the link in the text message. Please watch the video below to learn more about downloading and registering with the VIZpin app.
Need Help? Watch this instructional video:


  • Wait for OLPH to confirm your parish registration and cell phone number.
  • Once your parish registration and cell phone number have been verified and you have registered in the VIZpin SMART app, you will receive an email confirmation from OLPH. The confirmation email will serve to let you know that you may now use your cell phone to unlock the secured door of the Narthex entrance.

To enter after hours, use the VIZpin SMART app on your cell phone to unlock the handicap access door to enter the Narthex, which is the left-most door located at the front entrance of the Narthex.


To enter the Narthex, complete the following steps while standing at the door:

1) Open the VIZpin Smart app on the phone you registered.
2) Click the refresh icon in the upper right corner to ensure that your phone is communicating with the door.
3) You should see “Front Door” listed in the app as seen here:



4) Tap “Front Door” to unlock the door.
5) When you hear the lock activate you have 5 seconds to enter the building. Pull the door open or press the handicap entrance paddle on the wall to open the door for you.
6) The door will close and lock behind you. You do not need the app to exit the building.

Please note: the VIZpin system keeps a log of every visitor who enters the building using the VIZpin app, including the day and time of building entry.