Suggested Reading & Book Reviews

Spiritual Books as Read & Reviewed by OLPH Parishioners

We begin each Lent with the same goal, Each Lent, to strengthen our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are ordained from the Church to help our efforts. Did you also know that she encourages us to increase our love for Christ and His Church through spiritual reading? When we reserve a few minutes each day to read a worthy spiritual text, we increase our understanding and knowledge of God, and our Lenten journey becomes less arduous and more inspired. Fellow OLPH friends have compiled a list of some of their favorite religious and spiritual books to assist your Lenten walk. Our prayer is that before Easter arrives, perhaps one or several of the books shared are also among your favorites.

Beautiful Eucharist by Matthew Kelly

beginning at the 9 AM Mass on Nov 12

Beautiful Eucharist is a stunning collection of life-changing reflections about Jesus truly present in the Eucharist and wonderfully present in our lives. With inspiring reflections offered by Fr. Mike Schmitz, Lisa Hendey, Peter Kreeft, Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Fulton Sheen, and more, we are encouraged to get to know Jesus personally.

Through the generosity of OLPH parishioners, we are happy to save that we have 750 copies of this book to give to you beginning next weekend at the 9 am Mass. Enriched with short testimonies, each chapter offers the reader a mini-retreat with points to ponder, a verse to live, and a prayer to open up our conversation with the Lord.