Boxes for Baltimore

Bringing the JOY of Christmas to Those in Need

Who is Served

On any given night in Baltimore City, nearly 3,000 people experience homelessness. The Christmas season brings joy and unity to our community; however, for many of those we serve downtown, the season brings with it the reminder of their solitude, as well as deeper loneliness and melancholy. Every year the SALT team works hard to bring the light of Christ to these men and women during the holiday season.

For the past six Christmas holidays, we have organized the collection and distribution of shoe boxes filled with goodies as a gift to those who would otherwise not receive a Christmas present.

How to Build a Box

Purchase Supplies and assemble boxes at home.

Drop gift-wrapped boxes to OLPH during the weekend Masses on Dec. 16 & 17, 2023.

What Goes in Each Box

1 grocery bag
1 bottle of water
2-4 toiletries (travel-sized Toothbrush/paste, shampoo, soap, etc.)
3-4 snacks (Granola bars, candy, crackers, etc.)
1 hand warmer & toe warmer
1 piece of warm clothing (socks, gloves, hat, etc.)
NOTE: BOMBAS socks have gifted the SALT ministry with MANY socks, if you would like to make use of these socks, you can stop by the parish office front porch between December 1 and December 11 to take as many socks as you would like for your boxes.
1 $5 gift card (7-eleven or Dunkin Donuts are suggested)
1 Christmas card/note of encouragement