Join Our Catechetical Team

Are you interested in sharing your faith while growing in your relationship with God? 

Did you know there is a way to serve God on earth by serving other people? God so loves when we serve each other that he told us it was his “Greatest Commandment”. How might we go about serving each other? Well, God has prepared us for that too! God equipped us with spiritual gifts, natural abilities, passions, and even life experiences so that we may go BEYOND what we think we are capable of achieving.

In that spirit, OLPH continues to embrace this call to form Missionary Disciples, right here in Parish. With this goal in mind, we look to the Holy Father, Pope Francis who recently continued to clarify the role and inspiration for catechetical ministry in his Apostolic Letter, “Antiquum Ministerium” which, he wrote about the indispensable, early Christian men and women who followed the Holy Spirit and “devoted their lives to building up the Church.” To this day, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Baptism provides everyone a purpose in this same mission. These gifts of the Holy Spirit manifest themselves differently in individuals, but when realized, are vital to the mission of the Church and now, broaden our ministry of the catechist, and the ways in which they serve.