Why Christlife?




The ChristLife evangelization process is a proven method of igniting the new evangelization by providing a relational context to begin to make missionary disciples at the parish level.

ChristLife makes missionary disciples by helping people discover Jesus Christ personally, follow Him in their daily lives as Catholic disciples, and share Him with others.

ChristLife is designed to be repeated and become the “core curriculum” for evangelizing and forming adults as missionary disciples. Once a person discovers Jesus, begins to follow Him, and learns to share Him, they want to invite more people on a life-changing adventure with Jesus Christ!

There are three essential steps: Discovering, Following, and Sharing.


Discovering Christ

Questions are a part of life. But how often do we get good answers? Searching is something we all do. But how often do we find what we’re looking for? 

Join us for Discovering Christ, a seven-week course to explore the meaning of life, the basics of the Christian faith, and how you can experience love, forgiveness and the good things of God. Each week you have the chance to explore faith, and what it means for you, around a great dinner, an inspiring talk and conversation with friends.

Discovering Christ is for everyone, regardless of religious background, whether you’ve been active in a church or not.


A Typical Discovering Christ Session

Discovering Christ consists of seven weekly sessions and a retreat day. The weekly sessions include four components: a meal, prayer time, video teaching, and small group discussion.


1. Share a meal


2. Prayer

3. Video teaching

4. Small Group Discussion

Following Christ

Following Christ is a seven-week journey that inspires those who have completed Discovering Christ to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ by learning and living out the basic disciplines and truths practiced by Christians since the early Church.

After encountering the personal love of Jesus Christ, people are hungry to dive into their new or renewed relationship with Him in the context of community. Following Christ provides the basic tools to help Catholics grow in discipleship by teaching the basics of daily personal prayer, how to hear God in Scripture, how to experience the power of the Sacraments, the importance of forgiving one another, and the reality of spiritual warfare. Following Christ is an exciting and hands-on way to keep growing after experiencing Discovering Christ.

Sharing Christ

Sharing Christ is a seven-week mission that equips Catholics with practical skills to share the Gospel through friendship and welcome others into a personal relationship with Jesus.  

Our faith journey can’t stop with encountering the life-changing love of Jesus Christ and growing as His disciples. We are called to share the Good News with others! Sharing God’s love with others must become an everyday lifestyle for Christians if the Church is to be everything that the Lord calls her to be. Sharing Christ equips Catholics with the practical skills to share the Gospel and invite others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.