Confirmation 2021/22 at OLPH

Confirmation 2021/22 at OLPH

We are very excited to announce that OLPH has retained the services of Ablaze Family Ministry to lead Confirmation classes and the Retreat!

The mission of Ablaze Family ministry is to help families encounter the love of God, grow in relationship with Him, and lead others to experience His life-changing love too. This mission is in direct alignment with our parish Discipleship Pathway, FOUR. At the heart of FOUR is the intent to: create a community centered around Christ to which we BELONG; provide the opportunity to encounter Jesus and BELIEVE that He is the source of truth and endless love;  BECOME like Jesus in thoughts, words, and deeds, and then go BEYOND our campus and to serve others in His name.

Under the leadership of Directors, Kristen Fisher and Deacon Steve Sarnecki, Candidates for Confirmation will grow to recognize the Holy Spirit already at work in the world and in their lives and see how He is guiding them ever closer to Jesus in and through Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. 

Questions? Please connect with Claudia Florenzo through the parish office at 410 747 4334 or by email at

 While there will be further communications in the days and weeks to come, our goal today is to share this news about our relationship with Ablaze and our preparation schedule as follows: