Deacon Roch’s Communication for Aug 28 2022

From the Pastor’s Desk | Aug 28, 2022, | Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

“For every one who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who
humbles himself will be exalted.”

– Luke 14:11


Brothers and Sisters,

Pope Saint John XXIII, who led our Church from 1958 to 1963, is considered one of the most influential figures of the 20th century; in addition to his worldwide renown, this Pope had a wonderful sense of humor. The story has it that Pope John would say, “God knew from all eternity I was going to be pope. Couldn’t God have made me more handsome?” The then pontiff was, of course, joking. But, it’s human nature to want to look our best. It’s also natural to want to be appreciated, especially for our achievements. And it is not wrong to enjoy being thanked and recognized for our accomplishments, especially if they result from lots of hard work! But the cool thing about our God is that we are fully loved regardless of what we achieve — hard work or not. Our creator’s love comes without strings attached but let’s remember that he sent us his only son Jesus to show us how to be humble, manifest gratitude, and use all of God’s gifts to make our church and the world a better place.

Our Church needs you. Our parish needs you. Have you heard a little voice asking you to help by being a part of our Mass as a Lector, Altar Server, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, or Minister of Hospitality? Have you heard the call to spend time in silent prayer adoring the Blessed Sacrament in our Good Shepherd Chapel?

Or, maybe you’ve felt the tug to support the next generation’s youth in their religious formation and sacramental preparation? Do you hear the call to host or join a small faith-sharing group with fellow parishioners?

If you’ve been called, please don’t hesitate; God is asking you to use your talents, to step up, and step into the spotlight. Though it may feel counterintuitive, taking center stage for a bit is not a contradiction to fostering humility. Being humble doesn’t mean underutilizing our gifts and abilities. It means acknowledging these are blessings from God, tools we can use to educate our youth, grow our church, improve our society, and glorify God!

Please come forward and pay it forward by sharing your gifts! Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of help; we will provide materials, support, training, and assurances. Visit our website,, and click on the big green banner “How can I serve?” Or reach out to me directly at May God bless you.

Some considerations:

  • Back by popular demand! With an Evening Schedule! Understanding Anxiety & Stress in a Post-Pandemic World
    Workshop Series: Starts September 8, 2022
    Learn how to feel stronger and healthier in a post-pandemic world by attending this upcoming series of workshops presenting talks and time to practice learning a new technique experientially. Presented by Dr. Kathleen Musslewhite, Executive Director of the Alpha Omega Clinic, the series will run monthly on Thursday evenings: September 8, October 13, November 10, January 12, February 9, and March 2; each session duration: 7:00-8:30 pm. Each session costs $60 per person, or sign up for the entire series for $300 per person. Come to all or some. This program is a collaboration between Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center and the Alpha Omega Clinic, located at 7007 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817. Find more information and links to register:
  • MINISTRY TO FAMILIES WHO HAVE MISCARRIED: HOLY INNOCENTS is a ministry of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, facilitated by the Offices of Cemetery Management and Life, Justice, and Peace. Its primary mission is to assure every child who is miscarried (dying before birth) has a sacred place to be buried. If you or someone you know is miscarrying or has miscarried and is in need of having a sacred place to bury the child, please call 410-547-3142. There is no cost to the family for this ministry. Please keep this ministry in mind, when in the future someone you know has a miscarriage and wishes to bury the child. Pastoral visitors will arrange to take custody of the child and secure the child until burial. If the child is born at a hospital, arrangements with the hospital will occur. Burials occur twice per year at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Anne Arundel County. If interested in more information or in serving in this important ministry, please contact the helpline 410-547-3142 or email the office a 
  • THE BURIAL OF ASHES: The Archdiocese of Baltimore provides a final resting place for those who are cremated but
    not buried. Since cremation has become a more accepted practice, more families are choosing cremation though many are not choosing burial at the time of cremation. As years and decades pass, the next generation inherits the urns of their grandparents and great-grandparents, increasing the incidents of the urns being misplaced and forgotten. The ministry is also for the recently deceased. The Ministry of the 14th Station of the Cross buries the deceased on sacred ground allowing the deceased to rest in peace. There is a minimal fee of $350 for the burial. The burial occurs annually in November (The month of All Souls). The urns are placed in one vault and buried. This opportunity also provides families peace of mind, as they now know where their family member is perpetually buried. The burial is at Holy Cross Cemetery in Anne Arundel County. Please contact the Office of Cemetery ManagementRev Patrick Carrion, 410-547-5375, for more information.


Deacon Roch