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Does God even



Can the love of Jesus change

Why do I need


The Lord wants us to ask these deep questions about faith in God, Jesus, and the Church and to explore these questions with him. In fact, it’s often the sign of a heart that is searching for more, is restless, or has been through struggles, which is most curious about these things.

OLPH is a parish where you can explore belief in God, a comfortable place where you can ask questions, where you don’t need to have your act together first, we want you to come as you are.

You Were Made for





and so much more!!



We would love for you to explore faith in God, Jesus and the Church through OLPH. We believe there really is something absolutely unique in Jesus. But we don’t just want you to take our word for it. We would love for you to experience it yourself in the comfort of our parish, with our parish family. When we plan a trip, reading about our destination provides one perspective, the visit provides a much deeper appreciation. We invite you to visit OLPH and experience the power of God’s love, the beauty of his teachings, the depth of his mercy personally.

Dive deeper and explore OUR PARISH LIFE HERE as a good first step yet, we would love for you to visit us, connect with us and ultimately know the power of God’s personal love for you in your life.