We never stop growing in our relationship with the Lord. In every stage of our life, the Lord meets us with the grace and help we need.
As adults, it often seems like the challenges we face get more complicated with time and life gets messier. 
In these moments especially, we realize that our “eighth-grade faith” (when most adults finished their “religious education”) just doesn’t have the depth and richness we need to deal with adult-size struggles and problems. Trying to solve adult-size problems with an immature faith can leave us feeling stuck, or worse, thinking that Jesus has nothing to offer us when it really counts. 
We don’t want you to get stuck, or to walk away from Jesus because you don’t have the tools you need or think that you’ve outgrown the need for the power of faith.
For our adults at OLPH, we offer a comprehensive set of courses and tools to help you grow in your faith, stay on the path that God has marked out for you, and overcome the challenges that can throw at you.


Take the next step and connect with others in a Small Group community.

Our Core Offerings Include:

Discovering Christ
Discovering Christ is a seven-week experience where anyone and everyone, from the baptized in the pews to the unbaptized, is invited to hear the Good News and personally encounter Jesus Christ. Discovering Christ helps people enter into or renew a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, experience the love of God the Father, and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as God’s children. Click here to learn more.
Following Christ
Following Christ is the second part of the ChristLife evangelization process. It is designed to help people who have completed the Discovering Christ course to grow in friendship and union with God. By the grace of God, this is accomplished through praying together, hearing discipleship-focused teaching, and growing together in small group community through discussion and accountability. The teachings are not academic, rather they are focused on helping people to develop a lifestyle of living for Jesus our Lord. Click here to learn more.
Sharing Christ
Sharing Christ focuses on personal or friendship evangelization, sharing our relationship with Jesus in our daily encounters with people. The course helps to develop an attitude of the heart that moves us to be open to share the Good News we have experienced anytime and anywhere. Click here to learn more.
Small Groups
Small Groups is where our large church gets small. Groups are 6-12 people who meet to discuss faith, explore our spiritual growth, and support one another in their relationship with Christ. This is the place to care for others and be cared for; a place to impact our community and the world. Small Groups are a great place to explore, ask questions, and grow. Click here to learn more.
Women's Ministry
The Women’s Ministry of OLPH include many opportunities for us to gather in fellowship, retreat, pray and serve. The Gals of OLPH events are dedicated to bringing together the women of our Parish for fellowship, support, and a good time. In the summer, the parish offers a Women’s retreat. Monthly Mom’s of College students will gather for intercessory prayer. And periodically we will offer home-based scripture studies. Additionally, take advantage of a series of speaking engagements through the TASTE program. Check out our calendar and join us for these events! Click here to learn more.
Men’s Ministry
We are a group of Catholic men dedicated to growing in our faith and supporting one another on our spiritual journeys. We offer a variety of opportunities to come together as Disciples in Mission. Our Men’s Cornerstone Group meets on Saturday mornings in the Parish office at 6:30 am as a place for Men to share their faith. Look for our Manly Burger Nights as a chance to come out and share a burger and more with fellow men. Our ACTS retreat is an annual offering for Men to Encounter the Lord and grow in relationship with Him. Join our Be a Man Series and continue your formation as a Disciple of Christ. Look for these offerings in the Men’s Ministry Calendar. Click here to learn more.
Young Family Ministry
This new ministry was formed in April of 2019 and came about from Fr. Rob’s desire to create a place where the young families of OLPH can meet one another, build community, and grow in faith together. Our ministry is for parents with children newborn-PreK. Join the Young Family Ministry group on MyOLPH to receive event notifications, like Story Time with Fr. Rob, as they come up. Click here to learn more.
Interested in the Catholic Faith? Whether you’re looking to take the next step toward becoming Catholic or you just want to ask more questions about the Catholic faith, we are here ready to help you explore Catholicism. Our community shares this journey with you through a process called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings in a comfortable setting on campus beginning in October and ending in the spring at Easter. Click here to learn more.

Catholic Daughters

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas. They donate to charities, administer scholarship programs and strive “to be helping hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow or sickness.”The CDA motto is “Unity and Charity.” The CDA was formed over 100 years ago and today numbers 66,000 dues-paying members in 1,150 courts (local chapters) in 45 states across the country and in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Kenya, and Peru. Catholic Daughter women enjoy each other’s company at meetings and work hard for their parishes and communities. Deeply spiritual, together they share faith, love of God and a distinctly feminine spirituality alluded to by Pope John Paul II when he spoke of the necessity of “feminine genius” in today’s world. Click here to learn more.

Knights of Columbus
The Knights were formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief, and public relief works. Click here to learn more.
Stephen Ministry
 Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry offered at OLPH that makes use of the Stephen Series system. Stephen Ministry equips and empowers lay caregivers—called Stephen Ministers—to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting. Stephen Ministers are parish members trained by Stephen Leaders to offer high-quality, one-to-one Christian care to people going through tough times. A Stephen Minister usually provides care to one person at a time, meeting with that person once a week for about an hour. Twice a month, Stephen Ministers gather with their Stephen Leaders for supervision and continuing education. Click here to learn more.
BALM® Family Recovery is for anyone concerned about or affected by a loved one’s substance abuse. Through BALM, you can learn how to lovingly and effectively communicate, set healthy boundaries, use leverage, heal relationships, regain your inner peace and more. Click here to learn more.
Surviving Divorce
A support group bringing hope and healing to those who have experienced the pain and loneliness of a broken marriage. This group is for those both newly separated and divorced, as well as for those who have been separated and divorced for many years. The goals of this program are to help address unanswered questions, restore hope, and begin authentic healing in Christ. Click here to learn more.
Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program that helps us find freedom from our hurts, hang-ups, and habits in a loving and prayerful environment. Click here to learn more.
Marriage Enrichment
You said, “I Do!” and so begins the journey in marriage. The great news is, God was with you in the Sacrament of Marriage and he remains with you throughout your marriage. At OLPH we offer events, retreats, social gatherings, and speakers to walk with you both and teach spouses interpersonal skills in communication and conflict resolution. Couples can, in a group process, help couples. All this with the goal to enrich your marriage spiritually and make marriages even better! Click to get connected with our Marriage Enrichment team and take part in our offerings!
Offering support to those who are grieving both recent and past losses through caring support groups, one-to-one pastoral care, and memorial services. Through Bereavement Support, people can process through their thoughts and feelings related to their grief, have a safe place to share, and find the love of Christ in the midst of deep pain. We currently offer two options for Bereavement support, a support group especially for Bereaved Parents and an all-encompassing Bereavement Support Group.