We are a Catholic homeschool community in the Catonsville/Howard County area that provides fellowship, support, field trips, and announcements of Catholic homeschool events in Maryland. We homeschool children from pre-school through high school.
Our regular monthly First Friday Masses at OLPH with potluck brunch following allows us to celebrate our faith and for us to enjoy time together. First Friday in June is always a graduation Mass for 8th and 12th graders. Fill out this form to get connected with our homeschool group.

Our homeschool community provides companionship on the discipleship journey.

Belong | We belong to a community of Catholic homeschoolers who support each other with a listening ear, advice, and a sense of being surrounded by other like-minded families. The monthly first Friday pot-luck brunches allow us to establish and nurture our relationships.

Believe |We believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church and we celebrate our belief in all that we do. As Catholic homeschoolers, our faith informs our teaching. We meet monthly at the first Friday Mass to affirm and observe our faith together.

Become | We become more like Christ as we work together and support each other in our endeavors as Catholic homeschoolers. We pray for each other, inspire each other, and support each other in times of need.

Beyond | We go beyond when we evangelize our children, participate in parish and community events, and witness with our lives to the teachings of Christ.