Festival of Praise – In The Midst of Crisis

hraphic adverstisng Festival of Praise October 1, 2021 to inlcude two parishioner testimonies.

Join us for OLPH’s monthly Festival of Praise (FOP) on Friday, October 1, as we gather to pray, praise, and worship our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. In support of the Catholic Church in the United States and their upcoming celebration of National Migration Week (Sep. 20-26) please, make note, our October Festival of Praise beginning at 7:30 pm will include the witness of two of our parishioners – one who serves our nation in the military and was deployed in Afghanistan and another who will share the civil unrest in El Salvador and finding asylum in the United States.
Their faith is inspiring. The Lord is truly present in the midst of crisis – and calls his faithful to compassion and mercy. Don’t miss an evening full of inspiration!
Click HERE more about National Migration Week.