Five Things To Know – March 19th 2020

1. You are loved! WE MISS YOU!! The campus just is not the same without or school kids, and all our bustling activities and most of all MASS.  We are offering our love for you to the Lord in Prayer. As a parish staff, we plan to gather electronically on Tuesdays and pray for your intentions. To help us pray for your needs you are encouraged to share your intentions with us from our website, Click, on Care and Prayer request to submit your prayer intention privately. If you prefer, you an email or call the parish office with your prayer. Also, know that our priests continue to offer daily Mass and pray for you. Here is a picture for Wednesday of Fr Mike and Fr Rob doing just that!  Now, just as it warms your heart to know that there is someone out there who cares about you, might there be a neighbor of yours hungry to know someone cares? Who might you be able to reach today, and how, in a safer way can you connect with them today?

2. You may be hearing from us soon! Without a bulletin, we know there are a few of you that may not have heard from us recently. As we do want to be in touch with you, our parish staff will first start by reaching out to our senior community by phone.  We realize that, since this group may be at risk for COVID-19, you may have chosen to stay home.  So, we want to see if there is anything, we can do for you pastorally.  Just a simple call to receive your prayer request, offer you the chance to pray with us. Now also, while our primary means of communication are Bulletin, Website, and Facebook, if we do not have your email address, you may not have received our updates to date. So, we plan to reach out to all of you for which we do not have an email address to remind you that you Belong to a parish family that cares about you and wants to stay connected with you.

3. LENT 2.0 – It is Lent, and we are still here. Although so much of what we had planned for Lent, which included some beautiful offerings, won’t be able to happen, including our beloved Family Dinner Night, we still have so much to offer you and your family. A few examples:
— Do not forget the Lenten Reflections found on our website:

— Fr Mike, Fr Rob, and other staff members are planning to record and share spiritual teachings and we will be offering some other events via live stream- so stay tuned! Stay connected to our website or Facebook page for these pop-up offerings and we will share significant updates via email, so, if we don’t have your email address, please do share by emailing Lisa Sliker.

4. WE ARE STILL PLANNING FOR EASTER! We know it is most probable that our Church will be without your physical presence for Holy Week, which breaks our hearts. As we still coming together planning the details for Holy Week, one thing we know we will do is model something a priest in Milan did last month, place the photos of our members on the pews of our church for Easter Mass.  To do that, we will be going to search myOLPH, print out profile photos for our members and place your photo in the pews of our Church, so that when Fr Rob and Fr Mike are with you via live
streaming on Easter Morning (Completed video will be posted here and real-time streaming of Mass is available via our Facebook Page, they will also see you in the pews before them.  If you have not had the chance to upload your profile photo in myOLPH, please do by March 30th so that we can add your photo to our church pews for Easter Mass.  Need help, feel free to email or call me!!

5. GOD IS IN CHARGE. He is in control; He loves us with a love that never fails. Our parish remains strong, our Church is in His hands and our Hope remains in Him. It is with that trust that we pray….