From the Pastor’s Desk

Divine Mercy | 2nd Sunday of Easter

April 7, 2024

“With great power the apostles bore witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great favor was accorded them all.”

-Acts 4:33



Brothers and Sisters,

“Christ is risen! Truly, he is risen!”

These are the words of the Church, echoing through the eight days of the Octave of Easter, a period of profound significance. This time is not just a mere remembrance of a special moment but a celebration of Jesus’ victory, a triumph that is not temporary but a permanent conquest over evil and sin. Jesus has emerged victorious, and his victory is everlasting.

“Fr. Mike, why does it feel like my life is constantly surrounded by death and suffering if Jesus won?” This is a great question that every follower of Christ must ponder. Although the victory is secure, we have not yet fully experienced what awaits us in union with the Lord. Our faith, a beacon of hope, encourages us not to wait for this experience but to live in the victory of the Lord right now. This is the message that the world needs to hear. We should not be afraid of suffering and death, nor should we rely on earthly possessions such as bank accounts, health and life insurance, or material wealth. None of these things will help us in the end.

And that is why we will be blessed beyond measure when we acknowledge all that we have and all that we are as belonging to the Lord. The apostles lived in extreme generosity and called all the faithful of the Church to emulate the generosity of Christ, who did not hold anything for himself but gave all for the glory of the Father. Yet that generosity should not be limited to time, talent, and treasure. Sharing your faith by spending time in prayer and reflecting on where the Lord has spoken to you and intervened in your life is valuable. Sharing that faith invites others to share in Christ’s victory!

It is with great joy that we express our gratitude to Brittany, Gavin, Jacob, and James, who joined the Catholic faith during the Easter Vigil. Their journey is truly inspiring, and we appreciate the gift we have received as a parish family. We commend the RCIA team, their sponsors, and their families for doing a tremendous job accompanying these four individuals. Let us continue to invite others to explore the Catholic faith and pray that more people will seek Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Sharing your life of faith is the best way to extend an invitation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help on your journey. We can assist you in preparing for and receiving the special sacraments of Christian Initiation if you have not yet completed them (Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation).

May the risen Lord continue to guide us all on our faith journey. Let us stay united in prayer and continue to support one another in love.

Happy Easter

In the Lord,

Rev. Michael S. Triplett

Ways to serve and receive at OLPH:

Our Parish is filled with so many ministries working with our parishioners to come to know the Lord as they grow in faith, recover from setbacks, and create community. Supported by vibrant Women’s, Men’s, and Marriage Enrichment ministries, here are a few other ways the love of Christ is alive at OLPH.

BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT MONTHLY GROUP will next meet on Monday, April 22nd at 7pm in the Parish Office. This monthly group is a place where we are able to process our grief in a loving, Christ centered support group. 

ST. MONICA’S PRAYER GROUP meets the third Saturday of each month in the church at 9am to pray a rosary for our loved ones who are no longer practicing our faith. Join us in prayer as we pray for our loved ones.

MARIAMANTE MOMS (Lover of Mary) is a Catholic mom group that supports each other in prayer and fellowship. Join other Moms for time for fellowship, prayer, and play! The OLPH Catholic Moms Group meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am in the church for Rosary, with time for fellowship around 10:00 am. Or join the group praying in the Adoration Chapel on Thursdays at 9 am; bring the children!! The group hopes to grow with other events, such as Adoration and future Saturday mornings, where we get together early for coffee and prayer. Interested in joining the group? Email for more information.

PRAYER AND PRAISE FOR YOUNG ADULT MEN – Twice monthly, OLPH Men’s Ministry will host praise and worship in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at Our Lady of Perpetual Help—just an uncomplicated night of prayer, soft music by guitar, and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Hearing the sound of men’s voices, all lifted in prayer and song, is powerful, and praying together as men are desperately needed in a society that lacks solid Christian men with values who strive to live out the Gospel of Our Blessed Lord. Young Adult Men (ages 18-35) of the parish and friends, please mark your calendar for the first and third Mondays of each month to join us at 8 PM.

OLPHST. VINCENT OUTREACH MINISTRY – Supported by the gifts offered through the poor box and special collections, our St Vincent outreach ministry organizes efforts to support the most vulnerable in Howard County, Baltimore City, and beyond, including client services through our very active Food Pantry.

Discover endless opportunities to serve and grow in faith at OLPH! Want to learn more?  Call the parish office at 410 747 4334.