Fr. Mike’s Communication for Aug 7 2022

From the Pastor’s Desk | Aug 7, 2022 | Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

– Luke 12:34

Brothers and Sisters,

Even if not attributed to Jesus, many are familiar with the phrase, “for where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” Today, our many “treasures” can materialize as clutter accumulating in our homes and on our computers, tablets, cellular phones, and one day, I’m sure, toaster ovens! The size of our hard drives and online cloud storage keeps expanding as our digital footprints grow. But ask yourself, “what would concern you most if your data storage was corrupted or erased?” Or, what if someone else analyzed the data you stored? What would it say about you? Have you saved digital family photos and videos, or would your digital archive reveal an emphasis on all things work with little mention of faith or family?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds his disciples of His Father’s care and affection and that only the treasures stored in heaven have lasting power. If physical or digital possessions detract us from our relationships with the Lord or our family and friends, we would be wise to part with them. If these “treasures” consume a disproportionate amount of our time and energy, the quality of our lives can benefit from a lightened load. And likely, as with other aspects of our faith and lives, be improved with the help of others. God has placed us in each other’s lives to assist one another as companions on the journey toward Christ.

This weekend we celebrate Fr. Anthony’s twenty-five years of priestly service. Join me in thanking God for his pastoral care and enthusiastic preaching. His ministry has led him from his home diocese in Nigeria to the Church of Baltimore, with his last year at OLPH. I can confirm that he did not move into the rectory with a lot of stuff (I’m far more guilty of clutter!), but he has brought with him years of experience. May the Lord bless Fr. Anthony in his ministry and service. As an update on the progress to date to bridge the $113,000 gap in our parish plan for this year, I am grateful to share that 34 families have committed to an increase in offertory to OLPH. These gifts will cover one-third of our financial needs. I am humbled by your continued generosity and commitment to our parish. It is not too late to join us in the goal of bridging the gap. Visit to learn more about becoming a first-time giver or adjusting your current gift schedule.

Lastly, I encourage our young adults to check out the Archdiocese’s plan for World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal, in August next year. As part of the local preparations and celebrations, there will be a monthly “pilgrimage” half-day of spiritual formation on the third Sunday of the month, starting this August 20 at the Basilica with a talk by Fr. Brendan Fitzgerald. Sign up online ( for the monthly sessions, free of charge. I know young adults, ages 18 to 39, are a source of strength to our parish and true blessings.

Some considerations:

  • Back by popular demand! With an Evening Schedule! Understanding Anxiety & Stress in a Post-Pandemic World Workshop Series: Starts September 8, 2022 – Learn how to feel stronger and healthier in a post-pandemic world by attending this upcoming series of workshops presenting talks and time to practice learning a new technique experientially. Presented by Dr. Kathleen Musslewhite, Executive Director of the Alpha Omega Clinic, the series will run monthly on Thursday evenings: September 8, October 13, November 10, January 12, February 9, and March 2; each session duration: 7:00-8:30 pm. Each session costs $60 per person, or sign up for the entire series for $300 per person. Come to all or some. This program is a collaboration between Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center and the Alpha Omega Clinic, located at 7007 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817. Find more information and links to register:

  • Take a Personal “Retreat” Day this Summer! | Aug 12 | 8:30 am-4 pm – Are your days overcrowded, jam-packed, and busy, busy, busy? Take a break this summer and enjoy your very own personal retreat at Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center. During your personal retreat, an experienced retreat director will guide you to a place of rest with Christ. The retreat schedule allows for one-on-one spiritual direction (optional), quiet reflection, Mass, Confession, and Eucharistic Adoration, plus continental breakfast and lunch, so you will be nourished and cared for while Our Lord speaks to your soul about the depths of His love for you. The cost is $120 per person. Advance registration is required, and registrations will be limited to facilitate appropriate social distancing. Visit our website to register and to find more dates at Or call 301-365-0612. We also have monthly Mini-Retreats for women and Evenings of Reflection for men—our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center, 7007 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817,
  • Are you refurnishing or downsizing? – The Resource Exchange Ministry of St. Vincent de Paul in downtown Baltimore needs gently used, clean furniture and household goods. For a decade, parish volunteers have been working with Health Care for Homeless to furnish the apartments of their newly housed clients. For more information, visit: or call 410-657-5874.
  • Congratulations OLPH Outreach Ministries – Congratulations to OLPH St. Vincent de Paul and SALT Outreach Ministries, recipients of the 2022 MCA-COUNT grant in the amount of $5000.
    The parish has applied for and received this grant for the past two years. Our HVAC service provider, FloTron, and the Mechanical Contractors Association offer this grant.

In the Lord,

Rev. Michael S. Triplett