Fr. Mike’s Communication for Feb 13 2022

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time | February 13, 2022

“But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation.
Woe to you who are filled now, for you will be hungry.
Woe to you who laugh now, for you will grieve and weep.
Woe to you when all speak well of you,
for their ancestors treated the false prophets in this way.”
~ Luke 6:24-26

Brothers and Sisters,

What is our reward for following Jesus?

Whether students in Catholic School or religious education, many of us learned the Beatitudes as kids. Repetitious in format, each Beatitude is structured the same. Beginning with “blessed are…” then a group of persons possessing a particular attribute is qualified (such as “the merciful”) and closes by detailing the group’s just rewards. This ensemble of teachings describes the character of someone who lives for Christ, even when faced with disapproval, discrimination, or persecution. The Beatitudes should serve as our encouragement too. After all, we should be seeking God’s rewards rather than the world’s empty promises. It’s no surprise that Matthew’s account of this essential teaching by Jesus is one of the most read Gospel passages in our liturgy.

However, during our current liturgical year, we hear Jesus’ teaching from the perspective of Luke’s Gospel. After sharing four beatitudes, Luke follows up with four woes, providing a clear message. Living the Gospel is not simple. For those who want to follow Jesus, it is not without cost. At times, we can all be guilty of wanting to be fed by Christ, with no obligation to provide for others. All the more reason to prayerfully assess how we are living and if our lives imitate the generosity, kindness, and compassion of Jesus.

His purpose for coming into our midst is to save us, restoring and strengthening our relationship with God, who desires our ongoing growth. As we approach Lent in a few short weeks (beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 2), I encourage you all to start praying about how God wants you to grow this Lent as a family and individually. How might you incorporate prayer, fasting, and almsgiving? In what ways will you participate and engage in the life of faith and service this Lenten season?

This week, I am departing for rest and recreation and will be away next weekend (thank the Lord for Fr. Anthony’s safe return to us!). Next Sunday, February 20, at 11 am, Mass will be held in the Church only (along with our Saturday 4:30 pm, Sunday 7:30 am, 9 am in Church and livestream, and 5 pm Masses). Our outdoor Mass at 11 am will resume on Sunday, February 27. Thank you for understanding! I am grateful that with the support of altar servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ministers of hospitality, music ministers, and our growing AV ministry team, as well as OLPH’s dedicated staff, we have been able to maintain a robust Mass schedule. So, we might help our community experience the Lord in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Some considerations:

  • Maryland Catholic Advocacy Day is Feb. 16Be a voice for hope and justice. Maryland’s virtual Catholic Advocacy Day with our state legislators is on Feb. 16. The Maryland Catholic Conference, which represents our Catholic Church before the General Assembly, will prepare alerts on critical issues that you can just click and send (or call) to make your voice heard. Visit for details, to sign up for email and text alerts (you also can text CATHOLIC to 443-764-8765), and to send the alerts on Feb. 16. #MDCatholic

  • OLPH’s 11 am, Outdoor Mass on Sunday, February 20 is CANCELLEDPlease make note of this scheduling change for the weekend of February 20th. We are unable to offer the 11 am Outdoor Mass due to a scheduling conflict. Thank you for understanding!

  • Healing the Father Wound, Feb 19, 9 am -3 pm, Church of the Immaculate Conception (Towson)
    200 Ware Avenue, Towson, MDPresented by Fr Joe Barr, Dr. Bob Sawyer, and Beth Sawyer Lawrence. A father and daughter share their stories about the pain experienced from a family situation with an “absent” father and the healing and reconciliation they experienced with a newfound love for God as Father. Visit to learn more.
  • The Obligation to Attend Mass – “This obligation does not apply to those who are ill; those who have reason to believe that they were recently exposed to the coronavirus, another serious or contagious illness; those who are confined to their home, a hospital, or nursing facility; or those with serious underlying health conditions. One should consult his or her local pastor if questions arise about the obligation to attend Mass (Canon 1245 and the Catechism of the Catholic Church n. 2181).
  • Individual Unbound Ministry Prayer | Saturday, February 26 | Church of the Resurrection, Ellicott City – Join the trained teams to provide individual prayer using the Unbound Model of prayer at The Church of the Resurrection’s School in Ellicott City. Unbound Prayer is based on five scriptural keys that help you unlock those areas of your life where you want to receive greater freedom, healing & spiritual growth. If you would like to schedule an appointment or more information, contact Dan or Peggy Gahagan by Monday, February 21 at We ask that you read at least the first seven chapters of the book Unbound by Neal Lozano to receive Unbound prayer (available at OR

  • Welcome back, Father Anthony!Thank you, Fr. Anthony for your missionary work to feed 50 families while home in Nigeria this past month! OLPH families, through your poor box contributions, we were able to sponsor Fr. Anthony’s mission! We look forward to hearing more from Fr. Anthony as you visit with him after Mass or in his office! 

St. Joseph, pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Rev. Michael S. Triplett