Fr. Mike’s Communication for Jan 16, 2022

Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

January  16, 2022Father Mike letter for Jan 16 2022

When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him,
“They have no wine.”
~ John 2:3

Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you as we resume Ordinary Time!

With the many challenges that daily life can offer, Jesus’ first miracle might seem insignificant, particularly when compared to occasions where Jesus healed the sick and even raised the dead. Why should the Lord be that concerned with wine running out at a wedding, and why would Mary choose this moment to ask a special favor of her Son?

Today, many grave situations exist, from destructive natural disasters to genocides and other human rights abuses. Terrorism and authoritarian regimes still disrupt sincere efforts for peace and understanding. The rise in violence is disturbing, including in Baltimore, where homicides once again exceeded 300 for the 7th straight year. As well as the atrocity of abortion, often promoted the guise of “family planning” or compassionate care for women’s health, continues to take root in our world and our nation as a fundamental “human right,” ignoring the dignity of the unborn child.

How do we help people see the evils of our world and commit to lasting justice? As we approach the annual March for Life on Friday, January 21, and the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of the Unborn on Saturday, January 22, I encourage parishioners to place hope in God’s kingdom before each other. The Kingdom of God is possible – and worth investing all of our energy, talents, and time to achieve.

Let us pause in prayer this month that the will of God is embraced in our world and our community. In today’s Gospel, we should be encouraged that even a slight burden on an unnamed family is a concern for our Lord. Jesus cares. And to allow him to work his miracles, we merely need to listen to the last words of Mary in the Gospel, “Listen to him.”

There are some wonderful resources to deepen our appreciation of why so many March each year in Washington, DC in January (probably the worst weather-month to do so). Or why many volunteers commit their lives to pregnancy centers that help promote the one true choice — Life.

Suppose you struggle to accept this aspect of our Church’s teaching or cannot understand why so much breath is used to argue for Life. In that case, I encourage you to enter into prayer with the Lord and listen to some excellent resources freely accessible to parishioners on Listen to the journey of ex-abortionist Bernard Nathanson, an acclaimed pro-life activist, or follow the passionate defender of our Catholic faith, Stephanie Gray, as she speaks to a Students for Life conference on changing hearts and minds on abortion.

While the trends in society and the world may seem overwhelming, we are not alone. Many people of faith and goodwill are passionate about promoting the dignity of all Life. A new international pro-life flag (visit: has been created with the hopes of unifying the efforts to protect unborn children and their mothers. The circle evokes the womb, the sphere where the child is kept safe and protected. Two baby feet represent the unborn child’s humanity, and two hands depict the mother, holding and protecting her child. The two stripes have multiple, intended meanings: forming an equal sign representing the equivalent value of Life; moreover, they represent the mother and father who have come together to create and raise the child.

Mother Mary, aid our efforts to protect and defend all Life, and send your Son to fill our world with an abundance of grace and Life!

Some considerations:

  • COVID Protocol for the month of January:
    Reminder, Masks are required while indoors.
    Groups and ministries are encouraged to continue in their good works; where possible, please offer the opportunity for participants to gather virtually.
    We appreciate it if you test positive and believe you were on campus while positive to notify us at
  • Take a little bit of OLPH Christmas Home with you- This past week the Christmas decorations which have added beauty to our worship space were put away for another year. We thank the efforts of many, under the leadership of parishioner Barb Smith, for their help in decorating. As you leave Mass this weekend, you are welcome to take a poinsettia home with you as a reminder of the peace brought to us in the birth of our Savior on Christmas.
  • Thank you from Columbia Pregnancy Center for our Baby Bottle Collections:
    Thank you, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and School, for your successful October Baby Bottle Campaign in support of the Columbia Pregnancy Center, totaling $2973! Special thanks to the 4th and 5th-grade classes for their collection! You have contributed to a critical mission: providing free pregnancy-related services and life-affirming pregnancy choices to Howard County families. All this would not be possible without your dedicated time, hard work, and determination to persevere regardless of this year’s obstacles. Thank you!
  • Stay Safe and Pray/Support for First Responders – Archbishop Lori shared a letter with a focus on prayer in support for the healthcare workers, teachers, and clergy who are often at the epicenter of service during this pandemic. You may find his message at:

St. Joseph, pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Rev. Michael S. Triplett