From the Pastor’s Desk

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

June 11, 2023

Just as the living Father sent me and I have life because of the Father, so also the one who feeds on me will have life because of me.

~John 6:57

Brothers and Sisters,

You’re invited!

Where are you headed? After all, many of us just need to finish the last few days of school or those “essential” work-related tasks before loading up the car or heading to the airport for vacation! Some might be eager to see family and spend some free time with them during their downtime. Or others might be thinking happy thoughts, picturing themselves relaxing on the beach or hiking in the mountains.

Despite your destination, one essential part of any trip is food. For those adventurous enough and able to partake without dietary restrictions, travel allows us to try new types of cuisine. At the same time, we live in a unique age where food is shipped internationally at great distances and made available to us here. Still, there’s nothing like visiting a place and getting to sample a unique dish the region is famous for, especially when that particular delicacy doesn’t ship very well (like I discovered with crabcakes).

It’s funny how we can become obsessed with these travel meals, even documenting these food adventures on Instagram, yet we can overlook the most satisfying meal of all time. Jesus promises us an essential food, the gift of his body and blood in the Eucharist that satisfies us with the depths of our being. While we consume Jesus in Holy Communion, we, in turn, are enveloped in the Body of Christ —amazing! It’s not surprising that there are efforts from our Church to increase our passion and desire for the “Bread of Life,” our most significant connection to the Lord Jesus, and our invitation to dine at his table. However, we know from “surveys”* that the faithful’s belief in the Eucharist is dwindling or, in other instances, taken for granted.

Historically, the Church has promoted pilgrimages as opportunities to reinvigorate our faith. Hearing the stories of the saints or even being able to follow their footsteps or those of Jesus in the Holy Land can capture our imaginations. Still, a trip to a faraway destination is only sometimes part of our vacation plans. That’s why I encourage you to check out these accessible resources for our Eucharistic Revival. The list is accessible and perfect for all ages (

  1. Stay after Mass to make an Act of Thanksgiving.
  2. Research local adoration chapels starting with OLPH (; visit the first Cathedral in the United States with the Baltimore Basilica
  3. Add a daily Mass to your week for a special intention.
  4. Find a Church to attend while on vacation.
  5. Attend a holy hour of adoration (Outdoor Adoration on June 23, and our FOPs this summer are July 7 and August 4).
  6. Participate in a Eucharistic procession (including our own happening today, Sunday, June 11, at the 11 am Mass!).

May this summer be when all our parishioners are fed and nourished, especially with their renewed enthusiasm for Jesus in the Eucharist!



In the Lord,

Rev. Michael S. Triplett

Other Considerations in and around our Community:

  • QUO VADIS DAYS 2023 – Quo Vadis is happening July 10-13, 2023. This is a fantastic experience for high school young men to grow in fellowship and faith while having fun. Please visit @bmorevocations on Facebook and Instagram for testimonials and photos, and visit to sign up!
  • UNBOUND PRAYER MINISTRY -Many of us are fighting invisible battles with anxieties, negative thoughts, sins, unhealthy relationships, destructive habits, resentments, and bitter wounds that never seem to heal. You can reach out and experience God’s merciful love, healing, and freedom! Unbound Ministry Prayer releases the power of Jesus into wounded lives. On Saturday, June 17th, trained teams will be available to provide individual prayer using the Unbound Model of prayer in Ellicott City, MD. Unbound Prayer is based on five scriptural keys that help you unlock those areas of your life where you want to receive greater freedom, healing & spiritual growth. If you would like to schedule an appointment or want more information, please get in touch with Dan or Peggy Gahagan by Monday, June 12th, at We ask that you read at least the first seven chapters of the book Unbound by Neal Lozano before your appointment to receive Unbound prayer (available at OR
  • WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” Trust in the Lord that He is in your marriage. The Worldwide Marriage Encounter Experience gives you the tools to have your best marriage. Upcoming dates are Jul 14-16, 2023, in ROCKVILLE, MD, and Sep 22-24, 2023 in Herndon, VA. Early sign-up is recommended. For more information, visit our website at: or contact us at or 301-541-7007.
  • FREE BISHOP BARRON’S THE MASS– For a limited time, walk through the Liturgy with Bishop Barron and be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. See how the Mass brings us out of the fallen world and into the heavenly realm, how it resonates with a call from God and a response from his people, the Church, and, most importantly, how we are intimately joined with the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist. Visit