From the Pastor’s Desk

32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Nov 12, 2023

“My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God.”
-Psalm 63:2

Brothers and Sisters,

Brothers and Sisters,

Are you satisfied? In Psalm 63, the Psalmist expresses our innate desire and longing for the Lord. Just as hunger and thirst remind us that we need food and drink to stay alive, our longing for meaning and purpose in our lives points us to the one who can satisfy our souls. Only God can fulfill our deepest longing. Yet, more than just being aware of this spiritual yearning, we must cultivate a habit of coming to the Eucharistic feast hungry, desiring more of the Lord, and eager to spend time with him. As the Gospel encourages us, “Behold, the bridegroom!” Jesus is the one who accepts us, his beloved bride, the Church, and in turn, receives us into his very home. What an extraordinary gift to receive the Lord in both his Word and in the Eucharist and be in the presence of his free and abiding love. I also encourage you not only to join us at Mass to receive the Eucharist but also to cultivate a love for the Eucharist in Adoration. Let’s never lose sight of this fantastic opportunity to be in the real presence of our Lord!

I sincerely thank Bishop Cozzens, who is celebrating our 9 am Mass this Sunday, November 12, with us. His leadership of the National Eucharistic Revival is much appreciated, and I hope you gain insight from his story of how he “Came to know and love Jesus in the Eucharist.” The book Beautiful Eucharist (one that we are offering for free as a gift to you) includes a chapter by Bishop Cozzens, along with exceptional lay and ordained witnesses – a few names at least that I am sure you will recognize (including the other Fr. Mike). Join me as we strive to keep Christ at the center and follow the Bishop’s lead.

In listening to ideas supporting our growth as disciples and our love for the liturgy, I am in the works to begin a short video segment focusing on answering the “why we do this in the Mass” questions. I intend to name the video series Loaves & Fish, with an intentional reference to the Lord’s great miracle at the Sermon on the Mount, praying that he may multiply his graces before us and draw us into the meal that has no limits.

Finally, please pray for all our confirmation candidates on retreat this week, along with our wonderful staff and volunteers assisting them. I remember my Confirmation retreat as a pivotal moment where I began to understand better who I was and, more importantly, who I was in the eyes of the Lord. May the Lord bless their hearts with love for him and a passion to live out that love in service.


In the Lord,

Rev. Michael S. Triplett

Other Considerations in and around our Community:

  • MINISTRY TO FAMILIES WHO HAVE MISCARRIED: HOLY INNOCENTS is a ministry of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, created to ensure that every child who is miscarried (dying before birth) has a sacred place to be buried. If you or someone you know is miscarrying or has miscarried and needs a sacred place to bury the child, please call 410-547-3142. There is no cost to the family for this ministry. Please keep this ministry in mind when, in the future, someone you know has a miscarriage and wishes to bury the child. Pastoral visitors will arrange to take custody of the child and secure the child until burial. Burials occur twice yearly at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Anne Arundel County.
  • THE BURIAL OF ASHES: The Archdiocese of Baltimore provides a final resting place for those who are cremated but not buried. The Ministry of the 14th Station of the Cross buries the deceased on sacred ground at Holy Cross Cemetery in Anne Arundel County. Please contact the Office of Cemetery Management Patrick Carrion, 410-547-5375, for more information.
  • TASTE for TOTS TO TWEENS – Moms, feed your souls on Thursday mornings at the TASTE Program, where you can grow in your Catholic Faith and your relationship with Jesus. Enjoy fellowship with other Catholic women of all ages and backgrounds who share a deep love of our Lord. Your children can attend our free TASTE for Tots to Tweens program, provided by the Sisters of the Servants of the Lord (free-will offerings gratefully accepted.) For more information on TASTE and TASTE for Tots to Tweens, please visit our website at
  • ST. LIDWINA CHRONIC PAIN SUPPORT GROUP – Do you or someone you love suffer from chronic pain? Father Larry Swink is starting an online apostolate aimed at those who suffer from chronic pain–a cause he, too, endures. The forum is a place to share struggles and for Father to give Catholic advice on how to carry this cross, as well as a venue to share online Healing Masses and prayers. Visit to learn more.

Going on at OLPH:

ANGELS SPORTS – BASKETBALL REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. OLPH Angels Basketball participation is open to children in Grades 2 through 8 who attend OLPH School or are members of OLPH Parish. Email Eric Kuczynski at to learn more and register your child.

OLPH CHILDREN‘S CHOIR – The OLPH Children’s Choir is open to children/students in grades 1-12. Come praise the Lord in song! Rehearsals take place Every Thursday 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM in the church. The choir sings on the second Sunday of every month at the 9:00 AM Mass. Email:

ANGEL FRIENDSThe Gabriel Network is a church-based ministry that helps expectant mothers in the area and empowers women to choose life. Angel Friend women volunteers to pair up alongside them to support them. If interested, please reach out to Benjamin Hung at 315-921-2543 or

OLPH PARISHIONER DEDICATES SPRING BREAK TO MISSION WORK – Freshman Sydney McGee of the Franciscan University of Steubenville will join a team of missionaries to Quito, Ecuador, during Spring Break 2024. The team will work with priests and medical providers to bring the Gospel to the people of Ecuador through the Sacraments, prayer, talks, and medical ministry. The parish is proud to support Sydney in this effort. If you, too, would like to contribute to the expense of her trip, visit into your browser to donate through Franciscan University’s website. Enter “Sydney McGee” under “Enter Student’s Name.” So that you know, donations are not tax deductible since it is going to a person.