Health & Wellness Speaker Series

Quarterly Talks, Open to the Public, Focused on Building Healthy Communities

October: Breast Cancer Prevention

Wednesday, October 12, at 7 PM (Church)

What You Need to Know and How to Support Others

breast cancer awareness

Robin Bartko, MS, Community Health AdvisorCertified Health Education Specialist (CHES)Certified Health Coach

Robin Bartko, MS, will speak on breast cancer awareness and prevention while providing time for questions and answers.

Learn about…

• Risk factors of breast cancer
• Resources to reduce those risk factors
• How to support others who are at risk for breast cancer
• How to support others who have breast cancer

Robin’s talk is the first in a part of OLPH’S Health & Wellness speaker series focused on building healthy communities through medical-religious partnerships.

Our next topic, Depression Awareness, taking place in December.