July 17 2022 – Financial Communication

From Father Mike …

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2022

Martha, burdened with much serving, came to him and said,
“Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me by myself to do the serving?
Tell her to help me.”

~Luke 10:40

Brothers and Sisters,

Many hands make light work.

When Martha’s frustration reaches a boiling point in today’s Gospel, instead of taking her frustrations directly to their source, her sister Mary, Martha, approaches Jesus, imploring him to reprimand Mary.

Today we might label this type of problem-solving as passive-aggressive. Many of us can relate regardless of what we call this biblical interaction among sisters. In such situations, we let our emotions get the best of us, and it’s hard to appreciate another’s perspective or circumstances. Like Martha, when we remain in a stressed-out state of mind and don’t look for healthy ways to communicate uncomfortable emotions, we experience “burnout.” Different people have varying stress thresholds and will react accordingly in stressful situations. Yet, we all have our limits. My natural personality and disposition align well with Martha, with a greater tendency towards action and service than prayer and contemplation. I realize I am about to hit a wall when I perceive someone else isn’t sharing their fair share of the load. But with God’s help, I can set my frustrations at bay. When I rededicate myself to prayer and give myself time to hear how God is asking me to view the circumstances, my internal strife dissipates. Only then can I recognize the unique value of another’s contributions and that I shouldn’t expect others to prioritize tasks the same way I do. Our Creator has made us all uniquely different, and that is GOOD!

We can all learn something from the generation sometimes nicknamed the “Greatest Generation.” An American generation who came of age during the Great Depression and later fought in World War II (1901 to 1927). This group is typically classified as hard-working, humble, sacrificial, and generous with a deep sense of duty, often thinking about how to improve the community at large before improving their circumstances. I would never claim to mirror this generation’s same commitment to the daily grind and the greater good. Still, their examples of diligence and commitment to the war effort and each other are inspiring and excellent examples of how we can learn from the lives of others.

To that end, I’ve found that the best way to learn from someone else is to engage with them one-on-one. During this slower pace of Summer, consider writing a letter or picking up the phone and asking an older person in your life about their life experiences, how they solved problems in challenging circumstances, or how they worked together to make something good happen. Then, like Mary at the foot of Jesus — listen! Give it a try. I’m sure God has important lessons for us to learn in the process.

Accompanying our communications this weekend, I share with you this year’s financial plan, which began on July 1. This budget was crafted by the staff, reviewed and commented on by the finance committee and pastoral council, and approved by me, your pastor. This financial update is available as a weekend Masses packet or directly on this landing page. Please make note that the URL to this digital communication is https://olphparish.org/july-17-2022-financial-communication.

Out of transparency and love for this parish, I must share that our current financial status is not sustainable for the long haul. Unfortunately, we are ending this past fiscal year with a continued deficit in our offertory collections. This reality means we will enter this fiscal year with a projected shortfall. I am concerned yet confident that together, we can improve our situation. I’m grateful to my devoted Parish Staff, who live out the moniker, “many hands make light work” every day, and to our dedicated finance committee’s diligence in working to make a path forward visible. I’m also thankful to all of you, our committed parishioners. With your willingness to always choose the great good and your selflessness, I know we come out of the other side of this challenge stronger!

Thank you for taking the time to read the financial update with care. Then, I humbly request you to take to prayer what may be your next step in giving to OLPH. When you do, please also pray for me. That I may emulate the qualities of the Greatest Generation and lead humbly, work diligently and give more deeply, all to support the greater good of our parish, and advance Christ’s mission right here, in our small corner of God’s kingdom in Ellicott City, Maryland.

In the Lord,

Fr. Mike

Some considerations:

  • OLPH Senior Community – looking to meet new friends in the faith?| The OLPH Grasshoppers, a small group for the senior set of OLPH, gather on Thursdays in the Parish Office at 11:00 am for lunch and fellowship. The group heads out for lunch on the third Thursday of each month. Come by any week and join up with other friends.

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is looking for talented and creative Team Members for the 22-23 school year. OPLH is home to a committed and innovative administration and faculty. The parent community is supportive of the academic and spiritual development of all students. If you are looking for an amazing experience in a collaborative community with competitive compensation, please contact us at 410-744-4251 and/or tunderwood@olphschool.org. You may also message me privately for more information on either of these positions. Please see our openings listed below:Full-time 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher: This position involves a departmentalized approach to the content areas. The 5th Grade position teaches 4th & 5th Grade ELA and 4th & 5th Grade Math (small differentiated math groups). Science and social studies classes are taught by the 4th-grade teacher.Part-Time Nurse: We are looking for a certified nurse to join the current nursing team. Hours are flexible and part-time throughout the week (average two days per week). Expert and dedicated team members with experience in student care and all health protocols.
  • Are you refurnishing or downsizing? The Resource Exchange Ministry of St. Vincent de Paul in downtown Baltimore needs gently used, clean furniture and household goods. For a decade, parish volunteers have been working with Health Care for Homeless to furnish the apartments of their newly housed clients. For more information, visit: https://www.stvchurch.org/justice-service/the-resource-exchange or call 410-657-5874.
  • Respect for Life Opportunity ll –Bach Benefit Concert to Support Mary’s Home | Sunday, Aug. 7 | 2:30 pm Enjoy an afternoon of beautiful music at Ss. Philip and James Church, located at 2801 N. Charles St. Baltimore, offer a donation to support St. Mary’s House, Maryland. Mary’s Home Maryland is a pro-life ministry with Catholic values. Its mission is to provide a safe, pro-life home environment and holistic services program for expectant mothers in crisis and their children in need. To learn more about the work done at Mary’s Home, visit https://www.maryshomemaryland.org/


Financial Update

July 1, 2022- June 30, 2023