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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life." John 3:16

Our Mission

We want to make our parish family a place where every person can come to know and experience God’s love for them.

The greatest story ever told is the story of God's love for us. And we don't want anyone to be left out of hearing that story and knowing that they are a part of it. 

Everything begins with God’s love: It’s who He is, it’s the reason He created the universe, it’s why you and I are here. Love is the reason Jesus was born in Bethlehem, it’s the reason He died on the Cross and was raised up on the third day.

You Can't Give What You Don't Have

You know the old saying, "You can't give what you don't have." If we want our parish family to help every person know and experience God's love for them, it begins when we first welcome that love into our own lives and let it begin to change us. Only then can we begin to bring that love and Good News out into the world around us.

Getting Practical

In each of our lives, the first step is discovering and encountering Jesus and the love of the Father that he came to make known. When we truly experience God’s love for us, our lives begin to change, that’s what we call conversion. The good news is that God is already at work, He already wants you to know Him and love Him. So we don't have to convince Him, we just need to open our hearts to what He is doing.

As our relationship with Jesus grows, the next step is learning to follow Him more closely in our daily life, so that in the ups and downs of life we will always stay close to him and remain rooted in his love. It's like a marriage - it's one thing to exchange your vows, but the real work is living those vows out in daily life. In the life of a Christian, this is what we call discipleship. 

The third step is sharing Christ and his love with others in the midst of daily life, in our friendships with family, neighbors and co-workers. That’s what we call mission, it's living daily life with a purpose - the purpose of bringing God's love into the world around us. Only when we have encountered Christ and made a decision to follow Him can we then introduce others to Him.

This movement of discovering, following and sharing Christ is never a "once and done" thing in the life of the Christian, but it usually repeats itself and deepens over time. Look at St. Peter - he encountered Christ first on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. But later, he would learn more about him when Jesus shared that He must suffer and die. Peter objected but Jesus rebuked him, effectively telling him, "You're still learning who I am." And Peter would come to discover the heart of Jesus even more when, after denying Him three times before the cock crowed, Jesus would forgive him and give him a new start. So the movement of discovering, following and sharing Christ repeats itself throughout our lives.

You have a home here!

We would love to have you join us in this extraordinary mission. Explore our parish website to learn more about us and all that’s going on here, and please join us and become a part of our parish family!

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