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Friends of the Parish & Parishioners may remember their Moms and Mother figures in a special way this Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Day Novena will be offered, beginning on May 9th as the Mass intention for the next nine days.

If you would like to include a loved one in this Novena, please sign them up to be remembered by clicking this below button.

What is a Novena?

Mother's Day Novena Graphic 2021

The word “novena” is derived from the Latin word for nine, or “novem.” Typically, a novena refers to nine days of prayer, asking God for a specific intention, often through a Saint’s intercession. Novenas are a beautiful way to grow purposeful, consistent, and persistent in daily prayer.

Many of the most popular and widely-prayed novenas begin or end on a Saint’s feast day. And it’s important to note that while most novenas are indeed nine days long, there are some exceptions (like the St. Andrew Christmas novena, which is 25 days long!). SOURCE: