For the period of July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

November 7, 2021


For the Lord, the God of Israel, says, ‘The jar of flour shall not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry, until the day when the Lord sends rain upon the earth.'”
– 1 Kings 17:14

Is it enough? As we assess the parish, its mission entrusted to us, and our resources, often the limitations confront us: financial health is the most straightforward metric to evaluate, but parishioners’ presence and participation are far more valuable. Still, we know each of us is limited in our time, energy, and attention.

As the initial restrictions of the pandemic lingered, many of us assessed our food supplies from a perspective of availability. We quickly adapted to either ordering groceries online, with pickup at the store or delivery, or traversing through grocery stores with one-way aisles (of course, I must ask, who among us did not accidentally find ourselves going the wrong way?).

As the pandemic has drained on, though, I have worried about a dwindling resource: energy with helpful hindsight. I have often prided myself on hard work and diligence. Yes, I’ve struggled with procrastination tendencies throughout my life – but I’ve always been confident in completing the task. But I find myself asking, “do I have enough? Have I overextended?” Our parish has maintained the challenge that we are not merely surviving but thriving – converting resources and efforts into online accessibility while resuming as many in-person opportunities as reasonable.

When reviewing our annual financial reports (please see the buttons on this page to access), I hope you’ll agree that the parish has prudently used the resources entrusted to us.

While a reduced offertory yield is understandable, we made the difficult cuts and kept discretionary costs low. Both parish ministries and our school pivoted quickly, admirably providing exemplary service to our parishioners and education to our students. With the support of the federal paycheck protection program, we were able to honor our commitment to the parish and school staff. I offer my deepest thanks to our OLPH staff and teachers – who have truly worked together as a team and done exceptional ministry. They undoubtedly understood the need to go beyond their “job descriptions,” flexing with the ministry’s needs. They supported each other as a team, working long hours.

Our long-term investment in strong support staff, teachers, and formators has paid off. But I not only fear for my resources running low but the energy and ability of the team to maintain the exceptional. The bottom-line numbers display the “pay it forward” attitude and approach of you, our parishioners.

Our savings have provided:

  • The freedom to focus on our vision and ongoing growth to meet the salaries and benefits.
  • The upkeep of the physical campus.
  • Building cleanliness and maintenance.

And we are still investing in the staff! We continue to build a strong faith formation team, made of staff and parishioner volunteers, who have shown willingness to be flexible and support one another. In addition, we’ve added focus to our growth with the parish Evangelization Team, led by Deacon Roch Kallmyer and Becky Needham. So that we might continue to place before you opportunities to progress along your unique path of discipleship with the measuring tool of Belong, Believe, Become, and Beyond.

I want to extend my gratitude to all those parishioners who continue to support our parish financially and with the gift of their time –thank you!

But this leads to my sincere request of you, our parishioners. Our offertory is not meeting the full needs of our expenses to provide exceptional care and ministry. While our saving allows us the current freedom, our long-term health requires your investment and commitment to give financially and participate in the parish ministries. Even more essential than raising our offertory, we need to raise leaders among our parishioners, and our parish is focusing first on the much-needed liturgical ministry. In prayer, I continue to hear the Lord’s reply to my concerns and worries: the oil will not run dry, the flour will not go empty. As our parish just gratefully celebrated Confirmation of our youth, may the Holy Spirit replenish with abundance our energy and resources to do the miraculous.

In the Lord,
Rev. Michael S. Triplett