OLPH Parish | Advent | It IS a Wonderful Life!

OLPH Parish | Advent | It IS a Wonderful Life!

May these reflections give you some thought as to how our favorite movies/specials teach us about God entering the World.

“To my brother George the richest man in town.”

George Bailey, a man with dreams, a man who thought he knew his life’s plan, where he ought to go, and what he ought to do.  And every time he is ready to set off with his plan, the winds of life change his direction so that his life seems to conform more closely with God’s plan for him.  On the surface, we see that each wind of change in George’s life appears to be tragic, yet the Lord always brings good out of suffering in ways beyond our understanding.  In the end, the Angel Clarence helps George to focus on the events of his life with the eyes of his heart.  As he does such, George comes to see that every situation, every choice, every person encountered was affected by his goodness; we are moved to the realization that every small virtuous act, given out love, builds God’s heavenly kingdom on earth. Throughout the movie, we witness George Bailey yielding his will in times of tragedy so that he could be the light of Christ to others.  So much so, that when George feels like a failure, the prayers of many give George the gift to see how much value his life offered in the small, rather than what he thought was to be his big plans.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. – MT 5:16

As I pray with scripture this week, I think about the character of George Bailey, from a simple movie many years ago and I know why it is our family tradition to watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas eve, (regardless of how tired we are).  Watching this movie reminds us that every life is unique, irreplaceable and that our riches come from God and are reflected in the goodness we give each other. Christmas eve, as our hearts joyfully await to add Jesus to the creche, our favorite movie reminds us of the dignity worthy ever child of Christ. And as we look upon the many gifts wrapped with love, may we not forget the words of Pa Bailey, “All you can take with you is that which you have given away.”

Today, make a choice to let another know, their life matters.
Prayer: Lord God, our Father, every life is the light of Christ meant to bring goodness into the world. Darkness cannot exist in this light. May you bless us so that our light shines brightly through our good works, our simple works, our humble works. May the angels and the saints intercede for us and may we rejoice with new wonder as we prepare for Christmas.