OLPH Parish | Advent | My favorite Christmas Card and Why

OLPH Parish | Advent | My favorite Christmas Card and Why

Our Theme for this Week: Favorite Christmas Cards.

As you look through Christmas cards again, which is your favorite and why?.

Have you ever tried to choose a favorite Christmas card?

One day, I decided to search for my favorite card.  But, there were so many different types to choose from!  Some were funny, some were 3-D, some sang to me, and some had peaceful pictures.  There were those that announced the birth of Jesus, those that announced that winter had arrived and those that announced the coming of jolly, old Santa!  How do I pick a favorite?

I went home and, finally, searched through the cards that I received.  Again, a great variety, many with great family pictures!  But, what makes a great Christmas card?
As I ventured through my selection, each card appeared to mirror the heart of my friend or family member who sent it.  I discovered that each card brings with it a different “fruit” of the love of the sender.  For example, happiness, kindness, joy, hope, peace, or thankfulness . . ., feelings that exist when love is present.  It was, also, the closeness I felt to the parishioner, friend, or family member that was renewed, even if I hadn’t seen that person for a while.

What makes a favorite Christmas card?  It isn’t the outside of the card or the fancy envelope or the manufactured greeting.  It’s the love that comes with it.  (“…and over all these, put on love”)

Sending a card takes time…choosing or making, messaging and signing, mailing or delivering.  All are small images of God’s amazing love shared by others.

Have you taken a moment to reflect, laugh, smile, and prayerfully remember a cherished time with those who share God’s love with you through a Christmas card?

“And let the peace of Christ control your hearts, the peace into which you were also called in one body. And be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15)