The heart of our life as a parish family is worship.

It brings us to the deepest core of who we are and who God is. As we bow down, our act of worship declares that we are not God, it is the recognition that we are sinful, broken and in need of saving. At the same moment, our worship declares to the One whom we bow before: “You are God and we believe that you can and want to save us!”



Our worship together as a parish family not only sets our relationship with God and with ourselves right, but it also sets our relationship with one another right. Worship changes the way we relate to one another. Worshipping with others reminds me that I am in the same boat they are, that I am sinner just like them. Worship reminds me that we have come together before the Lord as sinners who are all in need of saving. In this way, worship levels the playing field and keeps us from proudly thinking that we are better than anyone else.

Everything else our parish does flows out of worship. With our relationship made right with God, self, and neighbor, then we are ready to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, to share the Gospel, to teach the faith, etc..

The Eucharist: The Heart of Worship

The Eucharist (the Mass), the Last Supper of Jesus, is the heart of the way we worship because it unites us with Jesus in the great sacrifice that saves us. The Eucharist is the great act of worship that Jesus offers to the Father, the same worship offered at the moment of his passion, death, and resurrection.

Jesus wants us to be part of this sacrifice and offering, so he said at the Last Supper: “Do this in memory of me.” (Luke 22:19)

Opportunities for Worshipping Together as a Parish Family