High School

Keeping in mind the words of St. John Paul II who said, “It is Jesus you seek when you dream of happiness,” it is the goal of our ENCOUNTER program to present Christ as the answer to the longing in our hearts. We want to form a genuine community, with Christ at its’ center, where we can grow and live as His disciples. Ultimately, our desire is to foster an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, to nurture a relationship with Him, and to be set on fire to live for Him in the following ways:

Belong | On the first Wednesdays (7-9 pm) and first Fridays (6-7: 30 pm) of the month, we gather for a time that’s meant just for fun and building community together.

Believe | The second Wednesdays (7-9 pm) and first Fridays (7:30-9: 30 pm) of the month will be devoted explicitly to encountering Jesus in prayer and allowing Him to speak to our hearts. This will typically be a time of Eucharistic adoration with praise and worship. The Steubenville Conference and Fall Retreat are other great opportunities for our high schoolers to get in touch with Jesus.

Become | The third Wednesday (7-9 pm) of the month is about learning to be disciples together. We meet every third Wednesday of the month to bring up hot topics that strengthen our identity in Christ-like Theology of the Body, Lives of the Saints, Bible Studies and Apologetics.

Beyond | Of course, part of knowing Christ is sharing Christ. Fourth Wednesdays and our peer ministry program, are dedicated to empowering our young people to live out the call to evangelization and give them opportunities to be witnesses of His love and faithfulness.