Confirmation prep aims at building up and empowering our young people to give their “yes” to Jesus on the day of their confirmation. Through the content we cover and intentional prayer, each of us are opening ourselves to a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and to receiving His 7 gifts more fully. From this, along with the service component, we are better able to live out the mission given to us by Christ to “make disciples of all nations.” We will meet throughout the year with classes occurring primarily in January and February, with retreat and confirmation itself happening in early Spring.

Belong | We are meant for joy! Belong events are meant to be just for fun and hanging out. Confirmation prep kick-off is on Sunday, January 5th from 6:30-830 pm for all 9th graders ready to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Believe | We desire relationship! Believe events put us in touch with the person of Jesus where we encounter his love for us. Confirmation retreat is a great place for this to happen. Join us on January 24-26 for a great weekend of a real encounter.

Become | We are called to greatness! Learning to live fully and abundantly in the spirit of following Christ. Confirmation prep classes run January- March on Sundays from 6:30-8: 30 pm.

Beyond | We are able to be more! With the power of the Holy Spirit, we will bring Christ’s love to the world by giving like he does. Each candidate will complete a project at the service of the poor, the parish, and the community. Many opportunities will be offered so that you can complete your projects by January 5th 2020!