The Grasshoppers

Next Grasshopper Meet-Up

Join the Grasshoppers in the OLPH Parish Office
Each Thursday from 11 pm-2 pm
For more information, please call the Parish Office at 410-747-4334 


The Grasshopper Social Group at OLPh church

Why a Grasshopper?

Good question! Members of the Grasshopper social group get this question quite a bit. After all, what does an insect have to do with active seniors gathering together for fun activities, a delicious meal, or spiritual support? Legend has it that the Redemptorist Pastor at OLPH back in the early 1980s came up with this term of indearment after happening on several grasshoppers on his way to speak to several parishioners interested in starting a group, especially for Seniors at OLPH. The nickname stuck because members embodied positive and infectious energy like the group’s namesake, the grasshopper.

The Grasshoppers typically gather weekly on Thursdays in the Parish Office.