Kirill Gorbachev

Facilities Manager

I was born on April 4, 1961, in St. Petersburg Russia. I am an only child. I attended the Marine Academy and attained a master’s degree in Diesel Engineering in 1984. Over a twelve-year period, I worked on merchant vessels around the world. In 2002 I came to the USA with hopes to find work in my field because many of the European ship companies were closing. Unfortunately, I was not able to find employment as a Mechanical Engineer so I worked in construction for six years. I met my lovely wife shortly after coming to the USA and through her contacts was informed of the Facility Manager position at OLPH. I was blessed to start my career as the Facility Manager at OLPH in 2008.

What do you love best about OLPH?

“The parish staff are like the sisters and brothers I never had and the school staff are my friends. I view the OLPH campus as my large ship which is sailing without any major problems due to my hard work, dedicated helper, amazing staff and abundant volunteers.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“Drive to my home at Deep Creek Lake to enjoy quiet time with my wife and Labrador Retriever dogs.”

What is something quirky about you?

I have an operational casino-quality slot machine in my office at home.

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