Lisa Sliker

Parish Administrator

“Hello Friends! If you had told me 15 years ago that my job title would be OLPH Parish Administrator, I probably would have laughed harder than I should have. But here I am, deep in the trenches of Parish life and loving it. My bio is a witness to the saying, “You can get there from here.” Where was there? Well, geographically I grew up on Long Island, was educated by the Jesuits (woo hoo) at Fordham University. I became a Certified Public Accountant through years of auditing Investment Banks and Not-for-Profit Organizations in New York City (yes, no lie – Price Waterhouse Coopers liked to mix the rich with the poor). I then spent a few years working on Wall Street for JPMorgan Chase before moving to Maryland and began working in Maryland for Wells Fargo Bank as a Vice President in the Corporate Trust Division. I am the proud mother to Lauren, Kelly, and Christopher. In 2002, I found my spiritual home at OLPH, first as a school for my children and parish for our family, then as a volunteer and finally, as a staff member.

What do you love best about OLPH?

Hands down – the people. My fellow parishioners bring out the best in me, inspire me to love more, and serve generously. They have been the hands and face of Jesus to us and true witnesses to what it means to serve in love. How can I not be inspired to commit my heart to the Lord, when I witness His goodness all around me?

What do you do in your free time?

I love cooking a big meal to enjoy with family and friends, especially when cooking with others who love food. I also enjoy reading and I love biking. Now some might think this crazy, but I also like to clean in my free time. In fact, I have been known to make a mess, just so I can clean it up. (Don’t judge me!)

Why do you work for the church?

The most fulfilling thing for me is the ability to help people. Earthly rewards are found when our work through the Church helps Christ be known to His children. I LOVE every chance that I have to share with others that Faith is the only way to face heartache, trauma or tragedy and Trust in the Lord is the pathway to peace and real joy. So why do I work for the Church? I cannot imagine a work setting that would allow me as much freedom to fully express who I am. And who that is, is a Child of God, fully devoted to His mission with hopes of sharing His love for everyone through my work. (Plus OLPH rocks!!)

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