Sr. Lorraine McGraw

Pastoral Care

Sr. Lorraine was born and raised in Lowell, MA until she moved to Maryland in 1966. She is the mother of 6 children and grandmother to 16 grandchildren! Before entering formation, Sr. Lorraine served at St. Mark’s in Fallston, MD, as the Outreach Chairperson for 15 years and as the Pastoral Associate for 7 years.

She earned her Master’s in Pastoral Care from St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute and is a Sister of St. Francis of Assisi since 2002. Sr. Lorraine has been serving the parishioners of OLPH as the Pastoral Associate since 2006 where she has dedicated her service to those coming into the church, those experiencing separation or divorce, accompanying persons in bereavement and special care for the elderly and homebound parishioners.

What do you love best about OLPH?

It’s the people of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish who energize me. Their faith life, compassionate hearts, a quest for more, and openness all help make this parish unique. Their outreach to those who are in need, especially the poor, sick and dying are most inspiring. There is a real family atmosphere here.

What inspires you?

I love to begin my day by welcoming the dawn of new day…especially over water. Water has always brought me a sense of inner peace where I readily connect with God. It’s a place I go to discern my life, seeking answers to questions within.

Who is one of your heroes?

My aunt, Sr. Maxine, a Grey Nun of the Cross inspired me from the time I was little. She was head of the pharmacy at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lowell, MA. She worked tirelessly, never taking a vacation, but she always took time for prayer. She was well known and well respected. She was a woman of few words but had the most compassionate heart for the sick and elderly.