It’s all about the FOUR…
to transform your life and the world.

Welcome to FOUR

FOUR is the simple, clear way of living out the plan and purpose for your life. FOUR answers the questions “Why am I here?”, “What’s the purpose of my life?”, “How can I be happy?”, “How can I make a difference in the world?”

The heart of FOUR is found in four words spoken by the one who knows you best, the one who made you – Jesus himself – four Gospel verses, that offer you a way of living, a pathway to joy and purpose.

These four simple words provide a pathway to joy and purpose in Jesus. It’s all about the FOUR…to transform your life and the world.

“Come and See.”
(John 1:39)

Our days and the seasons of our lives include many an invitation.  Some of these invitations may be to an event, or to belong to a community or organization. We accept these invitations because a sense of belonging is a human need just like food and shelter.  God created us with this need, and so he first drew us, by invitation, to belong to him and his family.

As God first offers this invitation to meet our need for love, he also provides us with a Church community, where we may care for each other, worship together and grow in relationship with each other. 

We know a sense of belonging to a greater community improves health and happiness.  Therefore, with all the invitations and communities to which we may belong, why not belong to a community centered around Christ, so that our lives may be filled with joy and the purpose for which we have been made?

Take a few minutes each day to reflect on God’s invitation to BELONG to him and your Christian community of OLPH and be prepared for a profound reassurance of your self-worth.




“Who do you say that I am?”
(Matthew 16:15)

As we consider the step, BELIEVE we take a look at the many areas that we have given over to believe. We believe in our country, in democracy, and in, family. Yet, what does it mean to believe in God?

When Jesus asks, “who do you say that I am?” how do you personally respond to his question regarding your belief in him? Your response to him is your personal act of faith and it requires more than simply agreeing in your mind that something might be true. It requires the fullness of trust that we believe so strongly in God, we are willing to commit our lives to him and live a way of life taught to us by his Son, Jesus.

So, you see, to believe in God, his Son Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit is a full body commitment of mind (belief), heart (trust) and action (what we do). Because we believe in Christ, we believe in someone and something greater than ourselves; a good God, stronger than our own strength, wiser than our ways, and perpetual in his love.

Take a few minutes each day to reflect on God’s appeal to BELIEVE in him and prepare to surrender control to trust in his care for you so that you know you are not alone.




“Follow me.”
(Matthew 9:9)


What we read, who we friend and what we do with our time shapes our lives and determines the person we will BECOME. It is the reason our parents were very concerned with where we went, what we did and who were our friends. More recently, we may even choose who shapes our decisions and behaviors based on who we choose to follow on social media.

Just like our parents, God wants us to make good choices and follow good examples. It is for this reason, that Jesus offers us the invitation to “Follow Him.” He will not force us to BECOME like him, it is in our free will that we respond and BECOME his disciple. To be a disciple is simply to be a follower of another. When we choose to become Jesus’ follower, we choose to learn how he lived, served, prayed, suffered and loved so that we may act in the same way. It is a beautiful example: he leads, we follow. He does not stand behind us and tell us were to go or what to do. He simply lives a life that demonstrates for us a way that leads to joy and and in the world. Will you follow him?





“Go, Make Disciples”
(Matthew 28:19)

Did you know there is a way to serve God on earth by serving other people? God so loves when we serve each other that he told us it was his “Greatest Commandment”. How might we go about serving each other? Well, God has prepared us for that too! God equipped us with spiritual gifts, natural abilities, passions, and even life experiences so that we may go BEYOND what we think we are capable of achieving. The truth is, serving God and serving others is not easy. It requires that we go out, BEYOND our limits to make the world a better place through good works. We might get frustrated and tempted to give up. Please don’t, there never was, nor will there ever be another you who will be able to accomplish the calling God has for your life! For when we minister to another, serving their emotional, physical or spiritual needs in the name of Jesus, only good can prevail. Our greatest earthly reward is found when our works, through the Church, helps Christ be known to others.

Our parish is blessed with many opportunities to go BEYOND in service. Our fellow parishioners bring out the best in each other as they inspire us to serve generously and love more. How can we not be inspired to commit our hearts to the Lord, when we witness His goodness all around us?