Tools fro Civil Debate

As we face an election year, bringing this generosity of thought into the public forum is essential. As we engage family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers with our perspectives, we ought to be careful of the presumptions we make in person or online. We ought not to get stuck in the trap of comparing ourselves or getting frustrated at others’ good fortune outside our control. I recently signed the pledge on consider doing the same, those take this pledge are asked to embrace Civility, Clarity, and Compassion. Those attributes shared on “Civilize It,” and they are worth sharing.

Civility: recognize the dignity of others and treat them with respect.

Clarity: rooting our political viewpoints in the Gospel through prayer, study, conversation, and speaking.

Compassion: presume others’ good intentions and listen to their stories with empathy and a desire to understand. 

In that same line of understanding, I encourage you to read the updated document, developed by a committee of the US Catholic Bishops, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States.” These resources will help us model our responses to reflect our Lord’s generosity and will do much to further his kingdom on earth!